Solar Services

Regular maintenance and monitoring helps ensure as much clean, efficient energy can be generated as possible.

Solar Services

When considering whether a solar installation is right for your home, business, educational institution, or other location, it’s important to consider how this solar system will remain in good working order. Regular maintenance and monitoring helps ensure as much clean, efficient energy can be generated as possible.

Fortunately, the experienced team at Impact Solar Energy is here to help. We provide all the services you need to take advantage of the latest solar technology and stay ahead of the curve.

Eco-friendly Solar Installation

Arizona’s climate makes for an ideal environment for clean, renewable solar panels. But there are many factors that should be considered during installation to maximize energy output. For example, panels must be placed at the right angles and locations to gain peak sunlight during the day. Solar system components also need to be installed properly to create a waterproof seal.

The team at Impact Solar Energy has helped thousands of customers in throughout Arizona install and start generating power from their residential solar. From designing your system to obtaining permits to coordinating with the utility and finally installing your system, our licensed and bonded professionals will install your system without any hassle.

Frustration-free Solar Repair

While the Arizona sun provides the perfect amount of sunlight to maximize energy generation, extreme weather can sometimes damage solar panels. A damaged panel won’t generate as much power. Even worse, damaged panels are more likely to be exposed to the elements, causing additional damage and potentially stopping the solar module from working entirely.

At Impact Solar Energy, we make it simple to have a damaged system diagnosed. Then we’ll see if your damaged system is covered by one of the generous warranties we offer our customers. No matter what, we’ll work quickly to restore your system to full functionality.

Solar Inspection

There’s no need to risk climbing on your roof – let our team conduct a safe, thorough inspection of your installation.

Solar for Business, Education Institutions, Government, and Residential

At Impact Solar Energy, we provide solar services for virtually every need.

Solar for Business

Enjoy the same cost savings and benefits residential customers enjoy for your commercial facilities. In many cases, our commercial solar solutions are cash flow positive within one year of installation.

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Solar for Schools and Educational Institutions

Now that the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly, solar is now a viable option for schools and educational facilities. Our experts can help you save money while going green.

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Solar for Government Buildings

It’s easier than it’s ever been to transition government buildings to solar power. Advancements in solar technology mean that even large government buildings can have their energy needs met through custom solar panel installations.

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Solar for Residential

Over the years we’ve been installing solar panels for homes, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for providing top-rated customer service. See how your family can transition to sustainable, clean energy in a way that also makes financial sense.

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